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  1. Try and get a leaf bladed battle axe and slayer helm on your way. Good upgrades to have on your build. Slayer is way more efficient to gain cb than nmz you can get a lot of barrage task for mage, losses and cheap range exp from a cannon and loot from the drops. With a cannon it makes everything afkable and a lot of tasks like gargoyles and kraken are afkable on their own. Keep it up mang👍.
  2. Green smoothie protein shake, kale carrots, spinach, hemp hearts, chocolate whey protein, almond milk, ice, peanut butter powder. Looks like swamp water tastes like Reece's cups 😁
  3. in my trap house I afk cook to make gp when I play my main
  4. That's dope. I wish I did more quest on my pure for slayer blocks
  5. nice pray is too expensive for me
  6. Lemon pepper Salomon, broccoli brussel sprouts, red onions w chili garlic sauce
  7. Hey guy Goth here. Like I said in my intro I like to cook healthy shit so Im gonna make a thread for ppl of what they are eating right now and share food recipes and shit. The recipe can be as complex as the one I'm posting or as a easy and a bag of chips, just be specific on what flavor of chips I'll start ate a few nights ago. Shrimp+Vegetables+seasoning+sauce Seasonings: Lemon pepper adobo, chili powder, ginger, mushroom seasoning Sauce: chill garlic rooster sauce Extra virgin coconut oil Vegetables: Brussle sprouts, broccoli, carrots, shitake mushrooms, white onion Shrimps
  8. Really good video and good to know. I remember when someone told me to scim the first pile in an inners and I didn't know the pathing worked and I ended up clumping everyone on accident haha
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