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  1. Shawn

    Terror GFX

    Thanks m8
  2. Shawn


    THIS IS BIG 1 more cb m8
  3. Gratty. Just need 99 att now
  4. Was excellent. Nicely done fellas
  5. Shawn

    puffing on sup

    Lmfao puffing so much I might be diagnosed w/ lung cancer
  6. Wednesday May 12th, 2021 | F2P Pkri vs. Zenith | www.terror-rs.com Today Terror, the world's best f2p pure clan reached out to several pure clans for a f2p tussle. Thankfully Zenith accepted a fight on short notice. With little to no time to prepare, both clans pulled ~28 and entered the wilderness. The initial fight began at sperm hill where Zenith had 27 and us 23. Despite the opt disadvantage, we were able to hold our own until reinforcements arrived to match the opt disparity. For the next ~60 minutes or so we skied down Mount Zenith never once going down opts on the cape counter. Better luck next time! ~ Terror's Directors ~ ♪ Sniper Koala ♪ ♪ I Ate a Pure ♪
  7. Shawn


    docks me
  8. The best f2p pure clan on planet earth atm
  9. Nice job perwald
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