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  1. GJ to all the Wolves who showed up tonight for a P2P Mini @googs @HTP @Randy Taylor @Koala
  2. On this glorious Wednesday night, Terror massed up 6 Wolf Shooters to take on Team Undisputed GJ those who attended @HTP @Call Me Ho @googs @Sudanese Pker
  3. On this glorious night, Terror massed up 9 wolves to fight Team Explicit. Whole squad played like Champs GJ Terror. YouTube
  4. Terror massed 5 #WOLVES to take on Venom reverse sweeping them to a 2-1 vicory Shout out to everyone who pulled up @badbad @Randy Taylor @[email protected]
  5. On this glorious Tuesday night, Terror massed up 6 wolf shooters to take on the enemy with crazy performances and synergy from everyone. Good tanks, good snipe freezing, good damage, good mini. GJ wolves.
  6. Perry

    Friday Night Minis

    Good job #themovement
  7. LMS and youtube videos of good people playing
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