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  1. Damn looks like kwala got smoked in the finals. Ashy loses pinhead wins!
  2. amazing content. pinhead wins again
  3. sup suicider 1 iteming at gdz risking 250K l00000000000
  4. googs

    A Koala guide

    koala the teacher. the youngest teacher
  5. sup is so dogshit they had to mention their daddy in their topic. tell ur friends googs#8532 to cash out $$$$
  6. googs

    #1F2P CWA

    #1, sup is #10
  7. Both are fun, but I think ft50 is more “wildy-like” in terms of returning getting to the loc efficiently etc. we’re the best at both tho so YEET
  8. nosepeg needs to open their fucking eyes l0000l dog shit clan
  9. very nice wholesome topic. badbad is cute
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